Sydney, Port Stephens, Katoomba

Finally in the land of Oz! After 27 hours of travel we arrived in Sydney at 8 am on Saturday, October 1. Since then we have had a whirlwind of activity getting oriented and touring with Ultimate Oz.

We checked in to Wake Up, a clean hostel centrally located in Sydney. Thankfully we had slept on the plane so we had the energy to walk about and tour some iconic Sydney sights.

30 minute walk from our hostel to the Harbour.


Royal Gardens! Beautiful trails in the middle of the city.


Hillsong! ⛪️ The original Hillsong. Incredible speaker and of course incredible worship. They have a courtesy shuttle bus and a great welcoming committee that saved us seats and gave us free coffee. I have always wanted to go here.


Harbour cruise! Cooler day (18 degrees) but beautiful sunshine and perfectly clear water for swimming. It was fun to get to know the other travellers and we enjoyed a BBQ on board.


Hiking in Nelson Bay. Steep climb but beyond worth it for these incredible views.


Off to Port Stephens. We stayed at Melaleuca Surfside hostel, referred to as basecamp by Ultimate Oz. The accommodations are called “eco cabins” and you really are surrounded by nature. Not for people who can’t handle spiders. We didn’t see any snakes thankfully but when you walked by bushes you could hear all the critters moving away from you.

The owners at Melaleuca rehabilitate injured wild animals, and this kangaroo named Josie has never left. She is not fenced in she just chooses to hang out! She liked Brennan the best out of everyone, I respect her taste in men.

The Cabins.


Possums appear everywhere at night and they are not afraid! They look so cute but if you try to touch them they are like wild cats. The hide in the roof in the daytime and Brennan turned around in his shower once to a possum tail hanging down!


Sandboarding in nearby dunes. The landscape changed so quickly! The dunes are beside a beach that is a Great White nursery, but there has never in 100 years been a shark attack. This is most likely because it is aboriginal land and commercial fishing is banned, making regular prey plentiful for the sharks. None the less we chose to stay on shore 😋




Finished off with a dolphin watching cruise around the bay, and saw tons of dolphins! They swam right under the boat. These beauties should never be in captivity 😬


Sunrise at One Mile Beach, just a five minute walk from our cabins😍


This ended our week in Sydney, and we were off to the Blue Mountains, a two hour train ride from Sydney! Here we are staying in a somewhat eerie old hostel with wild wind that rattles the windows. But the beds seem clean and they have free laundry, free wifi and a scrabble board, so no complaints here!

We started off our first day in Katoomba with an abseiling adventure with the Blue Mountain Adventure Co! It was something we both wanted to try and as it is still off season it was just Brennan and I, so we both got to rappel many times over a 30m cliff edge. It was nerve wracking getting over the edge initially, but the insane views were worth it. We were rappelling 30m to a ledge, but all the way to the forest floor was actually a 200m drop so we really were quite high. Loved it! Sidetone: It was 3 degrees this morning when we went looking for coffee. THREE. Is this a joke? This is not what I packed for!! Beach, please.



Up next: One more day of hiking in Katoomba, then back to Sydney for a night (hopefully fitting in a LJ workout class) then on the bus to head north with Loka Travel! Time for some warmer weather. Adventure awaits!


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