Australia Bucket List- Open to Suggestions!

In just three short months I am heading to Australia, and I have so many things to see and do! I have been talking to everyone I can (friends and friends of friends) who have explored Australia and gathered their tips, along with places I have found through research, to make a list of things I want to do when in Aus!!

  1. Sydney Harbour Tour
  2. Bondi Beach
  3. Try sand boarding
  4. Hike Blue Mountains
  5. Koala/Kangaroo Sanctuary
  6. Take surfing lessons
  7. Tour to Uluru
  8. Camel ride tour
  9. Surfer’s Paradise
  10. Gold Coast
  11. Sunshine Coast
  12. Byron Bay
  13. Coastal Hike
  14. Brisbane Harbour
  15. Work out in HITT Australia Brisbane
  16. Noosa Heads- hiking, beach, river activities
  17. Sail the Whitsunday Islands
  18. Helicopter tour
  19. Sail to Great Barrier Reef
  20. Hang out on Arlie Beach
  21. Go to Hillsong!


  1. New Zealand- esp. South Island
  2. Fiji or Cook Islands during connecting flights
  3. Indonesia from Darwin (90$ flights to Denpasar)


WHAT AM I MISSING? I want all of the suggestions in the world, I have up to twelve months depending on how things go so I don’t want to miss anything! From beaches and hikes to hostels and restaurants, every suggestion helps.


Thank you xx


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