How to choose a destination when EVERYWHERE is on your list

If you are anything like me, the longest piece of writing you have done in your life is a comprehensive travel list of every location and event you are determined to experience in your lifetime. So, when the opportunity to travel presents itself, it can be pretty difficult to narrow down which place to cross off the good old bucket list. This is the thought process I followed to come to the decision to head to Australia this fall.

1) What do I want to LEARN?

A traveller is someone who makes a lifestyle out of learning. Be it languages, sports, traditions, or cooking, every trip teaches many lessons. While there is really nothing I don’t want to learn, I am biased towards anything health and wellness. So, I channelled my search to locations known for locals with active lifestyles where I learn how a different culture┬áeats well and stays fit.

2) What do I want to SEE?

People travel to see wonders of every kind, from architecture and ancient ruins to high fashion and fine cuisine. I love nature and I want to see mountains,beaches, jungles and oceans. I am biased towards all places tropical as it is winter for basically 8 months of the year where I live.

3) What do I want to TRY?

Have you always dreamt of hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu┬áor taking a cooking course in southern Italy? For me, learning to surf has always been a goal. I have had one lesson off the coast of Canada in March- two girls in the group got hypothermia and when the water hit my face it was so cold it took my breath away. Let’s just say it was not exactly what I had in mind. I want the cliche tropical surfer girl experience.

Once you have identified what you want to gain from your travel experience, it should be much easier to come to a destination decision! The final deciding factors for me were based on what was possible. I had to go somewhere where I could get a working visa to support myself as I travel. I decided on Australia because it checks off all of my requirements: work in a tropical location where I could try surfing, learn about health and wellness, and see incredible beaches.

Hope this was helpful for anyone making the difficult destination decision!





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